International library


PGM Free Catalyst

International catalyst materials library:

One of the big issues in the present State of the Art for PGM-free Catalyst in PEMFC, is the total absence of harmonization actions in the testing protocols, as a result of this, it is very difficult for the research community compare and evaluate PGM-free catalyst .

In order to overcome this restriction, in the context of Pegasus project we propose develop an international and public PGM-free catalyst library. All the catalysts will be tested under the same conditions, following the Pegasus project protocols.

The international library will be built-up containing information from

  • i) the literature some research group has been contacted ;
  • ii) the AB members’ own work and
  • iii) the project’s own findings through the development of GEN1 and GEN2 catalysts.

If you are interested in cooperate with this initiative you can contact with : Cc :